I’m 3D / Graphic Artist from India. I put my effort to find every detail possible and put it in my every work. My passion and occupation is 3D and Graphic Design. Since my childhood i was fascinated by TV ads, 3d animated movies and print design. At the age of 15 i got into computers, influenced by cartoons, posters and 3d, vfx movies itself. I started work on my first digital artworks. As things started to evolve and my work improve this became real passion. I’ve learnt a lot in my professional career and had deal with many problems, and i loved to face challenges as it make me push my limits to the new horizons….. I still count my self as learner because every challenge comes with things to learn from, and my entire life will be going in learning something new.

Please check out my latest resume below for my detail work experience and skill sets. Thank You…..






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